Friday, May 29, 2015

Sky Watch Friday, May 29, 2015

Intersection of US Highway 78 and The Natchez Trace Parkway near Tupelo, Mississippi, USA

Sunday's clouds brought almost 5 inches (12cm) of rain on Monday.  Then on Wednesday we got 2 inches (5 cm) more. On Tuesday and Thursday the rain was limited to drizzles, sprinkles, and light showers. The forecast for the week-end: more rain.  But thankfully we have not had the terrible flooding that some people have endured.

All that rain made me a little bit crazy - I went on a shopping spree!  From head to toe: got my hair cut, ordered new eyeglasses (frames and lens), bought two dresses, a light sweater, underwear, and a pair of shoes.  If we get sunny weather next week, I'll be back to my normal, conservative, money-saving self.

Have a wonderful week-end!

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  1. We too are warily battening down the hatches against the first winter downpour. Expecting heavy rain, but hopefully no severe flooding.

  2. That is a great photo full of cloud action. Nice to pamper ourselves on a rainy day.

  3. We are deluged with rain right now, and our contractor is in a quandary to get our sidewalk and driveway poured.

  4. We've had quite a bit of rain here, too (poured all day Saturday), but like you, nothing near what Texas and other states are experiencing.


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