Friday, May 15, 2015

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, May 2015

Northeast Mississippi, USA, zone 7

Catalpa Tree: sometimes called Catawba.

Privet Hedge: tiny flowers with a sweet aroma, but highly invasive.

White Clover: loved by bees.

Clematis. I have forgotten the name of it.

A double white Clematis.

Dianthus: common name Sweet William.

I think the name of this Rose is Scentimental.

When I was a child, it was a tradition that on Mother's Day and Father's Day a person wore a red rose if the honored parent was alive and a white rose if he/she was dead.

The buds on this rose are pink, but they bloom out white.

Burr Rose, Rosa roxburghii. Notice the prickles (burrs) at the base of the bloom.

Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

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  1. I love your clematis and roses. May Bloom Day is beautiful in your garden.

  2. I have never heard of the red rose white rose story but then I grew up with only Mothering Sunday and there was no father's day.I wonder how many still follow your childhood tradition. Happy Boom day.

  3. Oh, I do love that purple clematis, such a bright and happy color!
    We have privet hedge along the east side of our house. It came with the house, we didn't know what it was and it just kept growing and growing and got super tall, making a mess on our roof with its leaves. This spring we cut it all down to 1 foot tall. All the trunks are showing new growth. We plant to maintain it as a 3-4 foot hedge NOT a 20 foot forest! It is not invasive here, it just grows fairly quickly.
    Happy Bloom Day and may the rest of the month also be filled with blooms.

  4. You have so much blooming for Bloom Day. The Catawba and roses are spectacular! I enjoyed the visit to your garden!

  5. Lovely roses, Lea, I love the fragrance and stripes of Scentimental. I haven't seen a Catalpa tree for a long time. I have a Park's Clematis like that called 'Sugar Candy' but there are probably lots of similar ones.

  6. Beautiful pictures. It will be a while longer before we have roses in bloom here in upstate New York. I enjoyed yours so! If only blogs had a way to transmit scent.

  7. I have an evergreen ligustrum privet that blooms like yours, but am not too fond of the scent. Itis not sweet, but "heavy" to me.

  8. Fabulous! This time of year is heavenly. I only wish it would last a bit longer. Your roses are gorgeous. I imagine some of them have beautiful scents, too?

  9. Roses already! In south west England they have developed nice fat buds, so it won't be long. But I'm getting impatient now, seeing roses in bloom in other parts of the world. Have a great weekend.

  10. Lea, the flowers of the Catalpa tree are beautiful, the markings on it quite lovely, I bought Rosa Roxburghii 18 months ago, the flowers are big and beautiful, the buds look lovely too, I like your mention of the red and white rose tradition, it sounds nice, you have some nice blooms, Frances

  11. A neighbor has a large, old catalpa tree, but I don't think I've ever seen the blooms close-up like this--they're lovely! So many pretty blooms in your garden. Happy Bloom Day!

  12. Lovely all. Well, the privet is a bad 'un, but we've all got those bad boys, don't we? Here, I can't completely rid the garden of Japanese honeysuckle.~~Dee

  13. Lea, So glad to see a MS gardening blog and one so close to me!! I found you thru Gardner Bloggers Bloom Day. I grew up in Prentiss County and now live in Alcorn!! I have enjoyed the privets and honeysuckle blooming lately with their sweet scents.

    1. Hello Neighbor!
      Glad to hear from you. Hope you will comment again. Please leave your first name so I won't have to think of you as Jane Doe!

  14. Love the catalpa blossoms and burr rose.


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