Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, October 2019

Northeast Mississippi, USA, zone 7b

Summer lingered on into September with temperatures in the high 90s F. Then we had about a week of Autumn (temperatures in the low 80s F). And now with our high temperatures in the mid 60s F, it feels like Winter will be here just any minute now!

All our resident Ruby-throated Hummingbirds started on their journey south by the end of September, but yesterday I saw a young female migrant on her way south visiting my Turk's Cap, Malvaviscus arboreus. Sorry I was not fast enough to get a photo.

I do not know the exact name of these. Last Spring a friend asked if I wanted some blue Asters, and of course, I said yes. But they are more purple-ish than blue, which is fine with me!

Hibiscus mutabilis, 'Confederate Rose.' If you count the old bloom stems, you can see I had ten blooms!

And I have one more bloom on my 'Iceberg' Rose.

Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

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  1. ...there are fewer and fewer around here now.

  2. Beautiful garden, Lea. I cannot imagine it being so hot. We never see 90s here even in the hottest part of summer.. 47 out right now. But it will be a sunny, working out side day today.

  3. We do have blooms in common, I see. I enjoyed my visit to your garden.

  4. That last rose is exquisite! Great photos.

  5. Weather whiplash! We usually get that too but this summer was milder than most in recent years. The aster is absolutely beautiful. My own have pretty much petered out already. Happy GBBD, Lea!

  6. I see so many lovely pictures of asters, but I've never grown them. I really need to look into them, the perennial ones. I love the purple/blues.

  7. Beautiful blooms, I enjoyed seeing your photographs.

    All the best Jan

  8. I remember day after day of 90 (and 100) plus weather when I lived in Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, and (yes) Florida. I prefer our upstate New York summers, even as I sit in my yard on my laptop, half frozen, wearing a jacket, just out of principle. Confederate Roses are so beautiful, and are not hardy in this area. So I enjoyed that picture, and the (New York?) aster. I don't know of blue asters, but New York Asters grow wild here, and they (like yours) are a beautiful purple.

  9. The blue Asters are very pretty! I tried growing Asters, but the rabbits ate them so I'm jealous. That last photo of the rose is frame-worthy. Lovely!

  10. Beautiful blooms..those asters are lovely...interestingly I have known Turk's cap as sleeping hibiscus from a long time...Happy Bloggers blooms day.


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