Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Cormorant, October 30, 2019

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Pickwick, Tennessee, USA, October 27, 2019
Double-crested Cormorants, Phalacrocorax auratus, are migratory birds whose crests are present only during breeding season. They come to us here in the southeastern United States to spend the Winter before going back north in the Spring to nest. They eat a wide variety of fish, diving, chasing, and catching them underwater. (Note the sharp hook on the end of the bill).

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  1. I always wondered where the cormorants went every winter! Thank you for the information.

  2. He's a great looking guy (or gal). Have a great day.

  3. A good looking bird. Thanks for pointing out the hook on the bill.

  4. I always delight in seeing cormorants.

  5. Nice to see this cormorant.

    All the best Jan

  6. BEAUTIFUL shot, Lea!!!...:)jp

  7. Great capture, what a poser!!

    I'm so glad to see you at 'My Corner of the World' this week!

    My Corner of the World

  8. Hello, great capture of the cormorant. Happy Halloween! Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy weekend ahead.


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