Monday, May 13, 2019

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, May 15, 2019

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day and My Corner of the World

The northeast corner of Mississippi, USA zone 7

'Early Girl' Indeterminate Tomato
In the vegetable garden, the tomatoes are blooming!

And the Hedges are blooming! Very invasive plants. I am constantly cutting them back and mowing down the new sprouts, but when they bloom the aroma is heavenly!

Coreopsis growing near the Butterfly Bush
My Coreopsis plants have been in a race to see who blooms first. Here's the winner!

Kerria japonica 'Pleniflora'

White Floribunda Rose 'Iceberg' (bought in October 2017)
This rose has been blooming for two weeks, and is still going strong!

Burr Rose, Rosa roxburghii
This is a Burr Rose, so named because the buds look like burrs. Another name for it is Chestnut Rose.

I think this tiny wildflower is a member of the Bellflower family.

Another wildflower - Spiderwort

Trifolium repens
And White Clover! All mixed in with the grass, we will wait until it finishes blooming before we mow.

Rieger Begonia 'Solenia' Begonia x hiemalis
I do not have much luck with Begonias, but I could not resist this color.

And to add a bit of mystery, I bought two Geraniums from the 'mixed colors' shelf. Hopefully we will know what color they are by next Bloom Day.

Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

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  1. I am partial to wildflowers and I love yours, That begonia is absolutely gorgeous. I hope it surprises you by performing well.

  2. I keep buying begonias too - they always struggle but I enjoy them while I can. Happy GBBD, Lea!

  3. I don't have any luck with begonias either. I was given three beautiful plants a month ago and they are dropping their leaves as I write. I have moved them to different places in the house and nowhere pleases them. The card that was attached to the plants said they were inside plants. It appears to me they are going to be plants for the compost pile.

  4. I've had temporary luck with begonias. I tried them as a substitute for impatiens because my soil has the impatien blight. Stopped growing the non New Guinea impatiens for several years, but I couldn't get the begonias to survive more than a couple of months. So it isn't just me. Curious to what a "hedge flower" is. It's pretty.

  5. How wonderful to see what I'll be seeing in a short while! That plain coreopsis is one of my favorites, I guess it's a lance-leaf? I'm so glad they self-seed as perennials, I can't get enough of them!

  6. I have tried growing begonias through tubers this year ,hope have some luck ...Burr Rose is amazing will search it for me in next spring ...Have a great week ahead


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