Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Festival Food, June 13, 2017

Our World Tuesday, Ruby Tuesday Too, and Signs, Signs

Tupelo, Mississippi, USA, May 13, 2017
I enjoy going to festivals, and there are a lot of them here. Every town has at least one in the Spring or Summer. Larger towns have several festivals each year. These food vendors were at the Gum Tree Festival in Tupelo.

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  1. Do they really think that somebody is reading those signs.

  2. Wow, all those signs and choices. First ones I read were Shark on a stick and Gator on a stick? Not too sure about these two. The food festival sounds yummy. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  3. Those signs look so colorful and fun. I love festivals.

  4. I've eaten gator before, but not on a stick!

  5. Eat an elephant ear for me...with lots of powdered sugar!

  6. I enjoy festivals, too, for the food of course. Locally, we have a garlic festival and various ethnic ones. The Greek Festival has the best food, I think. Lea, I'm not sure about shark and gator. P. x

  7. Funnel cake and corn dogs please!! What a great place to be!

  8. Great shot! That is a lot of signs!

  9. I think this is so enjoyable to see as part of the excitement of a festival!

  10. Familiar sights during the street fair season.

    Frankly My Dear


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