Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Barn Collective, January 24, 2016

Lee County, Mississippi, USA, January 18, 2016
This old barn is still in use, but the horses and mules have been replaced by tractors. The main crops in this area are soybeans, cotton, and winter wheat.

This shed looks to be the same age as the barn, and it is still used for storage.

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  1. Lea thanks for sharing this grouping of barns from John Deere Country! These weathered barns sure have been around for a while. I hope that you pass by a bunch more barns and return again to share them.

  2. Like these alot. The second one seems to prove alot of work surrounds them.

  3. Good to see the barns are still in use!

  4. These could so easily have been taken around here...replace growing cotton with corn and it would even sound the same.

  5. beautiful photography.....such a fun meme, too!

  6. What a lovely old barn and what I call an outbuilding. I guess the proper name is shed. I love the two tires sitting out there on the left. Now, that really gives it personality. Nice red roof....nice pitch, too. Super post. genie

  7. a good sturdy character barn.

  8. How great these old buildings are still in use!


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