Monday, January 25, 2016

Bookmobile, January 25, 2016

Lee County, Mississippi, USA, January 19, 2016

In this digital age, it is good to see that people are still interested in reading actual books.
The bookmobile service is much appreciated in rural areas where the nearest library is miles away. (Audio books and DVDs are also available).

Celebrating 75 years of service!

Happy Monday!

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  1. Were would we be without libraries.Nice one here.

  2. This is so much nicer than a plain white van. They are doing good work...nice to see.

  3. Awesome mural and great to see a library van - nicely photographed.
    Have a Beautiful Day!!
    Peace :)

  4. I think bookmobiles are a wonderful idea. Not everyone can get out to libraries.

  5. I remember bookmobiles. Luckily I always had a library nearby to sate my reading hunger. But, now I've moved on to Kindle and reading electronically. We do move with the times.

  6. Lovely to see a moving library.

  7. That was such a pleasant sight, wasn't it? It sure is a feel-good pic.
    Long live books and book vans and libraries!

  8. Cool bookmobile -- and much bigger than the one that used to visit our neighborhood growing up.

  9. I've never used a bookmobile. But I do love my online library. I always have a multitude of titles available.


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