Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Food Truck, January 12, 2016

Ruby Tuesday and Our World Tuesday

Ripley, Mississippi, USA, January 9, 2016

Food Trucks are the latest entries in the centuries-old history of street food. Here in the United States the Texas chuck wagons of the 1800s are given the credit for being the first 'food trucks.' In good weather there will be a long line of customers. Not so many on a rainy day like last Saturday.

Pork barbeque is very popular in our area. Food Trucks generally cook and sell the regional specialties, but gourmet restaurants are beginning to join in, too.

This one carries its barbeque cooker/smoker with it wherever it goes! If you look closely, you can see smoke coming from the chimney.

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  1. Those are eye catching ! Food trucks are very popular in Eugene (Oregon,)...we decided that when we're there next year we will try a different one once a week. Ethnic food is what most of them are up there.

  2. Great post on the food trucks. They seem to be popular around our area, all kinds of food is available. Happy Tuesday, enjoy the week ahead!

  3. I love this 'find'

    And yes, I see the faint wisp of smoke. And I can almost smell the odor of that luscious BBQ!!!

  4. Great job of capturing the license plates and decor of the food truck. You've done a wonderful job of getting the personality of this business!

  5. Nice example! A step up from a hot dog vendor!


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