Friday, August 7, 2015

Tree Following, August 2015

Lucy at Loose and Leafy has a great meme called Tree Following.  The idea is to pick a tree and photograph it once a month, following it though the seasons.  The tree I am following this year is an Ornamental Pear.  It is prized for its showy blooms in the Spring and red/orange Autumn color.  The fruit is tiny and is useful only for birds to feed on in the Winter.
Ornamental Pear Tree, Prentiss county, Mississippi, USA, August 6, 2015

It is a huge tree that hasn't changed noticeably since last month.  Its main function here in the heat of Summer is to provide shade. And it is doing an admirable job of it!

Our dog certainly enjoys the cooler ground beneath the tree.

Have a Beautiful Day!

For more fun with trees, visit Lucy for Tree Following:  Click Here!

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  1. What a handsome dog, enjoying the shade of your Ornamental pear!

  2. Oh your dog is beautiful. Such a shiny black coat. I can understand liking the cool shade and damper ground under the tree on such a hot sultry summer day.

    I LOVED you sharing some of the tidbits about Tupelo and the Gum Tree in my comment. Thanks.

  3. That is a huge ornamental pear and your dog looks so happy to be sitting in the shade of its boughs.

  4. Your beautiful looks like it's doing its job magnificently--happy, (relatively) cool dog!

  5. Now that is a nice shady spot under your tree!

  6. Beautiful thick black coat -- I can see why (s)he likes shade!


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