Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Birds and Butterflies, August 19, 2015

ABC Wednesday and Wild Bird Wednesday

ABC Wednesday
F is for Fritillary Butterflies
Gulf Fritillary Butterfly, Prentiss county, Mississippi, USA, July 25, 2015

The Gulf Fritillary, Agraulis vanillae, gets its name from its migration across the Gulf of Mexico. Its range is from Argentina in South America, throughout Central America and the Caribbean Islands, and all the way north to the southern United States.

Gulf Fritillary on Butterfly Bush

It is sometimes called the Passion Butterfly because its larva feeds exclusively on various kinds of Passionflowers.

Wild Bird Wednesday
Canada Geese, Tupelo, Mississippi, USA, August 16, 2015

The Canada Goose, Branta Canadensis, is common in wetlands all across Canada and the United States.

Those in the north migrate south for the Winter. Those in milder climates tend to stay there all year.

Many Canada Geese that live on lakes in city parks have become semi-domesticated.

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  1. I love the butterflies! We have Canada geese here as well. They have learned to take advantage of humans and always come to see if they can get food.

  2. An USA President gave New Zealand a pair of Canadian geese. The y grew so prolific that they became feral, and eating the grass from farms. The govt gave farmers permission to shoot them. This is sit very well the the environmentalist.

    1. Anything (plants or animals) that become invasive have to be controlled. I hope the farmers ate the geese they killed. No more destruction of crops and food on the table.

  3. Hello Lea, your butterfly shots are gorgeous and I love the geese images! Have a happy day!

  4. Wonderful photographs of Butterflies you've made !!

    Thank you for participating in ABC-Wednesday, wishing you fun and hope to see you again next time ;-)

    have a nice day
    ♫ Mel☺dy ♫ (abc-W-team)

  5. I love the butterfly shots. I see the geese everywhere, being Canadian, so that sensation is lost when I spend all summer dodging their poop... lol

  6. Wonderful geese, and butterflies as well.

  7. Such beautiful pics! I love butterflies (also paint them:) ) Have a great rest of the week!

  8. The butterflies and the Geese are very nice. We have a lot of geese near our home, but not as many butterflies (yet) :)
    Nice photos!
    Have a Great Day!
    Peace :)

  9. lovely flutterbies - those Canada geese are pretty common over here too.

  10. Great pics of the frits -- those are always harder to photograph.


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