Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Tree Following, August 14, 2018

Tree Following and Our World Tuesday

Lee County, Mississippi, USA, August 13, 2018
The tree I am following through the seasons this year is a young Red Maple, Acer rubrum, in a community park. When I visited it yesterday, it seemed much the same as it did last month. Though our weather has been hot with no rain for a few weeks, all the leaves are still green and healthy-looking.

And so for this month's Tree Following report, I thought you might enjoy seeing...

Prentiss County, Mississippi, USA, August 8, 2018
… a Rosy Maple Moth, Dryocampa rubicunda. First you should know, this moth was not on the Red Maple tree that I am following. It was on the Elephant Ear plant near one of the Silver Maple trees at my house. The female Rosy Maple Moth lays her eggs on the undersides of Maple tree leaves. The eggs hatch into caterpillars that feed on the leaves. The caterpillars pupate underground during the winter, and in the Spring the adult Rosy Maple Moths emerge, and the life cycle continues.

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  1. ...it's interesting to see it grow.

  2. Hello, the moth is a beautiful color. Great capture and a lovely photo. Enjoy your day and week ahead!

  3. I have never heard of, or seen a moth like this! Gorgeous.

  4. How fun to follow a tree and what a rosy Rosy Moth

  5. Wow, that pink and white moth on the green leaf is so striking!

  6. Oh yes, that moth is gorgeous and fascinating. Glad your tree is doing well.

  7. One of these visits, I bet it will surprise you with its growth and beauty.
    The moth is just gorgeous! What great colors.

  8. Your tree is looking good. But thinking about it, how on earth will that skinny little stem grow into a huge tree trunk without our noticing?
    Lovely moth - like raspberries and ice-cream...
    All the best :)


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