Friday, January 19, 2018

Willy Nilly Friday, January 19, 2018

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1. Our Barn in the Snow (Sky Watch Friday)
Prentiss County, Mississippi, USA, January 16, 2018
Early in the week we had sleet followed by snow as the temperatures dropped during the night from Monday's high of 50F (10C) to 24F (-4C) on Tuesday morning.

The Road in Front of Our House
Prentiss County, Mississippi, USA, January 16, 2018
By late afternoon the skies were clearing, and the temperature was starting to drop down towards Tuesday night's low ... Oh my goodness! It was 8F (-13C) early Wednesday morning!

2. Wildlife (Saturday's Critters and I'd Rather B Birdin')
Shiloh, Tennessee, USA, January 8, 2018
Wild Turkeys, Meleagris gallopavo, use their strong feet to scratch the ground, foraging for acorns, nuts, grain, seeds, insects, and snails. When food is scarce they may eat berries, moss, ferns, and the buds of various plants.

You will most often see Wild Turkeys walking on the ground, but they can fly when they feel threatened, and at night they roost in trees.

3. What I am Reading
I went to the library yesterday afternoon and checked out 6 books.

'Scandal at Six' by Ann Purser
'The Careful Use of Compliments' by Alexander McCall Smith
'By Bread Alone' by Sarah-Kate Lynch
'Moriarty Returns a Letter' by Michael Robertson
'When Christmas Comes' by Debbie Macomber
'There's Something About Christmas' by Debbie Macomber

For 22 years I worked in a library, but never had time to read. Now I am catching up!

4. Good Food
Prentiss County, Mississippi, USA, January 16, 2018
Snow Cream!

A large bowl heaping up with fresh, clean snow
1 cup cold milk
1/2 cup sugar
Dash of vanilla extract

Transfer 1/2 the snow into a medium bowl and set it aside momentarily. Stir the sugar into the snow in the large bowl. Add the milk and vanilla extract. Stir well, and then stir in the rest of the snow. Serve immediately before it begins to melt.

Makes 2 or 3 servings.
You can find variations of this basic snow cream recipe on the Internet.

5. Favorite Photo of the Week
Tupelo, Mississippi, USA, January 14, 2018
Great Blue Heron standing in a drainage ditch near a busy shopping center.

Have a wonderful week-end!

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  1. ...Snow Cream! I could make a bunch of this!

  2. snow cream is so yummy! great shots, my favorite is the 3 turkeys walking's warming back up here this weekend, yay! thanks for linking up lea, have a great weekend :)

  3. oh! beautiful snow pictures.
    thank you for the reading tips.
    your favorite photo? amazing!

  4. Great wintry sky shots and love the 'animals' too!

    Happy Weekend,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  5. The turkeys remind me of vultures!

  6. All cool and wonderful images. Love the Heron fishing in the city! LOL

  7. Beautiful photos, I especially like the ones of the wild turkeys.

  8. I didn't realize it got so cold in Mississippi! Beautiful photo of your barn.

  9. Hello, I remember trying to make ice cream using snow. I love the heron and turkeys. Pretty barn scene. Great sightings. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  10. Snow cream looks tasty. I remember my daughter trying to make some using maraschino cherry juice. She got sick and won't eat cherries to this day. I also like your favorite pic of the week. Nice find!

  11. Gorgeous snowy shots. Love your barn! Those turkeys are so neat to see. And snow cream! Such a favorite when I was a kid!

  12. We had the cold but not really enough snow for snow cream, looks very delicious. These cold winter days are perfect for reading. Love your photos. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  13. Nice photo of the blue heron and the wild turkeys

  14. I was just trying to take a bite of your snow cream and I just about had it!! Nice photo of the blue heron. Beautiful turkey shots too, I have never been lucky enough to get a good turkey pic.

  15. The snow photos are beautiful and how neat to see the wild turkeys. I love some of the same authors you do too! Happy reading! Hugs!

  16. I like wild turkeys. Fun to see.

  17. Turkeys amaze me!

    So glad you are not afraid to eat the snow! We had our kids out playing in rain puddles and mud from an early age - I am convinced this is why they very rarely get sick!

  18. Your photos are just beautiful! I haven't had snow cream for ages!

  19. Hello!:) Very nice shots of the turkeys. It must be great to see them roaming around. Their feathers are actually quite beautiful. Great shot of the Heron too.:)

  20. What a great find of the heron near the shopping center! And LOVE the turkeys in the wild. But, I must also mention I've never heard of snow cream before today. Looks mighty tasty.

    Thanks again, for sharing this post with us.


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