Friday, January 12, 2018

Willy Nilly Friday, January 12, 2018

Willy Nilly Friday 5, Sky Watch Friday, Weekend Reflections,
(and on Saturday) Saturday's Critters, and I'd Rather B Birdin'

1. All Around The Water Tank (Sky Watch Friday)
Baldwyn, Mississippi, USA, January 6, 2018
Last Saturday was sunny, but cold!
We are expecting freezing rain and snow today (Friday).

When I went around to the front to photograph the name on the water tank: Home of the Bearcats (the school sports teams), I noticed that all the birds were on the sunny side!

2. Did You Know?
"Only a thin layer of ice separates a truckload of cargo from lakewater as it travels across the Canadian tundra. How are roads engineered and built atop lakes?" U-Haul

Learn more about ice roads at U-Haul SuperGraphics - Journey on the Ice Roads

3. The Most Interesting Thing I Saw Last Week
Prentiss County, Mississippi, USA, January 5, 2018
Last Friday the electric power company trimmed the limbs off of trees that are next to the
power line that runs from the road to our house. When we planted those trees 40 years ago,
we never imagined they would grow to be so big. They just trimmed the limbs; they did not
cut down any trees.

4. Favorite Photo of the Week (Weekend Reflections)
Great Blue Heron, Pickwick, Tennessee, USA, January 8, 2018
5. Critters: Loon (Saturday's Critters and I'd Rather B Birdin')
Lauderdale County, Alabama, USA, December 29, 2017

I was very surprised to see it in north Alabama, but I think this is Gavia immer, the Common Loon. I am hoping that someone more familiar with them can give me a positive ID.

Have a Great Day!

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  1. Our company did that after several ice storms knocked out almost everyone's power for a week

  2. lovely reflection of the heron!

  3. First of all, LOVED the great blue heron shot also! That aerial circular saw was definitely odd-looking! :-) And I chuckled over the bird necklace on the water tank.

  4. Who knew we could learn so much reading the sides of UHaul trucks??!!!!
    Love the heron. A lot of tree trimming going on here, too ... before hurricane season. Happy Monday!

  5. That's one amazing tree trimmer!! Enjoy your weekend.

  6., I've never seen a tree trimmer like that before!

  7. That is some tree trimmer! I wouldn't want it to get away from me! That is awesome to see a loon! I love that heron shot, too.

  8. Hello, the vultures found a neat place to roost. I love the Heron and the Loon. Great sightings and photos. Thank you so much for linking up your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.

  9. Hello!:) Stunning capture of the Great Blue Heron, and what a nice surprise for you to see the Lune,.. not a bird I am familiar with. Your first shot made me smile, to see all the vultures sunning themselves.:)

  10. Heron and the Loon photos are awesome ~ Others ~ fun photos!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  11. Good selection of randoms. I like your Heron shot. Hubby watches that show, Ice Road Truckers, it's amazing how they travel on the ice like that.

  12. Beautiful birds! I see Ida mentioned the reality show, Ice Road Truckers. We saw it a couple of times. It's been on for years now, which amazes me because I didn't think the premise would sustain more than one season.

  13. Excellent! That wayer tank covered with birds just blows me away!

    I want to thank you for showing us at I'd Rather B Birdin' your weekend photos!! Your paticipation is always greatly appreciated.

  14. It's always interesting to me when animals turn man-made structures to their purpose, in this case, the water tower!

  15. i love the heron and the loon is so cute! the people who trim the limbs would have to be very good at it...that arm is so long! i'd have a mess if i did it :) that would be very scary to drive over the ice! love the water tower! thanks for linking lea...hope things have warmed up for you!


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