Friday, May 19, 2017

Sky Watch Friday, May 19, 2017

Shiloh, Tennessee, USA, May 16, 2017
Tuesday was a beautiful day to go bird-watching at Shiloh National Military Park. A pair of Bald Eagles nest there each year.

One of the adult eagles was posing for photos. If it could write, it would be giving autographs!

Have a beautiful day!

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  1. ...I wish that I could have an eagle poise for me.

  2. Hello, pretty view of the military park! Love the eagle too!

    Have a happy day and weekend!

  3. And i'd be standing in line to get an autograph. They always take my breath away.

  4. Gorgeous shot of the eagle!

  5. Bald eagles are such regal birds. I don't know what the formal name for those zig zag fences are ( I just now googled them, and I guess that is what they are known by) I love them. They remind me of my childhood in Arizona where my father was a Forest Ranger and they had a lot of them.


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