Monday, May 8, 2017

Harvest Monday: Onions, May 8, 2017

Prentiss County, Mississippi, USA, May 4, 2017
On February 27th I began to plant my onion bulbs in round raised beds (otherwise known
as tubs!). I planted them deep and close together. Several more tub plantings followed at
two week intervals.

When they are as big around as my fingers, I begin to pull them to eat as green onions. This thins the plants so the others have room to grow larger.

I pulled up six onions this week, and we ate them with black-eyed peas (from our freezer) and cornbread. Delicious!

Happy Gardening!

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  1. ...because of the rain here, many aren't planted yet.

  2. Lovely onions! It's nice to have green onions in the garden, since you can pull one or two when you need them.

  3. Nice onion harvest! Your meal photo looks delicious. Black-eyed peas have become one of my favorite legumes now that I've learned that they grow well here.

  4. Nice onions you have there, Lea. A friend gave me many spring onion plants at the end of February. I am now harvesting the tops to chop up in salads or in my cooking. These and green peas (in pods) are the only vegetables I can plant now. We're entering a dry, cold season until August.

  5. I do love having green onions in the garden, they are so versatile. What a great idea to grow them in tubs.

  6. Your onions are getting nice and big. My grandma grows hers in containers as well, mine are on still the windowsill waiting to get planted out. Your black eyed peas look great, I've always like them but people are really into pink eyed purple hull peas here.

  7. I have no luck with growing onions in the garden so this year I am growing them in containers. Great idea to plant them close together and thin as needed.

  8. Wow, great idea! I might have to try that--especially in the winter. I think they would grow well in my sunroom. :)

  9. Yum - a delicious meal indeed and I'm sure the remaining onions will appreciate the extra space!

  10. I should consider growing onions in containers, since they always bolt in my garden. Hmmmm.. x


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