Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Tishomingo's Swinging Bridge, November 18, 2015

ABC Wednesday, Wild Bird Wednesday, and Wednesday Waters

ABC Wednesday
S is for Suspension Bridge - a bridge that has the roadway supported by a series of wire ropes that hang from cables stretched between tall towers.
Tishomingo State Park, Mississippi, USA, September 20, 2015

This pedestrian only bridge is known as the Swinging Bridge because there is a slight movement with each footstep. The cables are anchored into the ground at each end of the bridge.

Signs are posted advising "No more than five people on the bridge at one time." The more people on the bridge, the more the bridge moves.

View of Bear Creek from the middle of the bridge.

Wild Bird Wednesday
Northern Mockingbird, Pickwick, Tennessee, USA, November 5, 2015

Northern Mockingbirds are wide-spread across North America. They are great mimics of other bird's songs.

Wednesday Waters
Pinson, Tennessee, USA, November 15, 2015

Last Sunday we stopped at Pinson to see the Artesian Well. Natural spring water is supposed to have health benefits, and people bring jugs to catch the water.

My immune system is a bit low, so I did not taste it. Actually it did not look the slightest bit appealing to me. Pinson is also the site of fifteen American Indian burial and ceremonial mounds.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. Mind blowing pictures. So very pretty

  2. Wonderful photographs.... i love nature and bridges to... thankfully i am not afraid of hights to so if i come across them i can enjoy them to the fullest ;-)

    Have a nice abc-day/- week
    Thank you for participating in 'our' meme, hope to may welcome your entry next week again !
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc.-w-team)

  3. Interesting to look at but they give me nightmares because I suffer from motion sickness!

  4. Suspension bridges are not my favourite ones. I don't dare to walk on them and I am terrified if it is a swinging bridge.
    Thanks for your visit.
    Wil, ABCW. Team

  5. I don't like heights but I would walk across that bridge...fascinating...we have some hidden wells with spring water nearby....they are special.

  6. Interesting views of the bridge and the water looks like it has just had some rain to stir it up.

  7. I remember that swinging bridge very well. It was always a favorite site for me when we went there on picnics when I was little. Glad to see it's still swinging!

  8. I don't think I would like the suspension bridge to walk on, but it is pretty. Thanks for stopping by to comment on my Sitka Spruce post. - Margy

  9. Love the wonderful suspension bridge, and the Artesian well also! Great finds.

  10. What a great bridge, we had a 100 year-old one that the ice took out a couple of of years ago.

  11. Cool bridge, but I think that would freak me out.

  12. the bridge would make me nervous to walk across...


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