Saturday, November 7, 2015

Devil's Walking Stick, November 7, 2015

Camera Critters, Saturday's Critters, and I'd Rather B Birdin'

Camera Critters and Saturday's Critters
Prentiss County, Mississippi, USA, November 5, 2015

Common American Walkingstick, Diapheromera femorata, aka The Devil's Walking Stick.

Here it is with its front legs raised alongside its head and antennae, pretending to be a stick. You have to look closely to see its other legs holding onto the plant. Its head is that bump in front of my first finger. Great camouflage!
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I'd Rather B Birdin'
Pickwick Lake, Tennessee, USA, November 5, 2015

On Thursday we drove north into Tennessee to look at the Autumn foliage. We stopped at Pickwick to see how many birds were at the lake. A large flock of Canada Geese sounded the alarm as soon as we got out of the car. It took them about ten minutes of loud honking before they decided we were not a danger to them. The birds in the water are Coots, and there are a few Mallard Ducks among them. The bridge over Pickwick Dam is in the background.

Pickwick, Tennessee, USA, November 5, 2015

Recent rains have knocked a lot of leaves off the trees, but there are still a few beauties.

I hope you have a beautiful week-end!

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  1. Hello Lea, the walking stick is a cool sighting. That is a big flock of geese, ducks and coots! The last shot with the trees is pretty. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  2. wow all those geese what a sight !!

  3. Hello!:) I would never have guessed there was an insect on the ground, even when I saw your second photo, it was difficult to detect. What marvelous camouflage! Lovely photo of the geese! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. The walking stick is amazing! What a disguise!

  5. Wonderful, glorious fall foliage....amazing number of geese...and the walking stick is exceptional. Finding it would be a feat for me!! Wow.

    Thanks for sharing your link to this post this weekend, at I'd Rather B Birdin'

  6. Love to see a lot of geese at the Pickwick Lake. I can almost hear their singing! The last photo with the yellow leaves is beautiful!

  7. The American Walkingstick was a great find Lea. It is a beautiful insect. After reading your link I can see why it is known as The Devil's Walking Stick if it denudes trees of their leaves, but we all have to eat don't we?

  8. I haven't seen a walking stick since I was a child, I don't think they live up here. That's a lot of geese, I saw my first V in the sky of honking Canadian Geese fly over this last week.

  9. That's a huge flock of Canada Geese, bigger than the flocks we saw heading south.

  10. Thats a decent stick insect - makes me wonder how you saw it!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  11. Love the waking stick! You had keen eyes to notice him! The birds are awesome and so is that gorgeous Fall tree!

  12. Great pic of the walkingstick -- I completely missed him until I read your caption.


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