Saturday, August 31, 2013

End of the Month View August 31, 2013

Trees and Shrubs:

Big Jay in the Pear Tree
Big Jay has decided that it is his job to protect the pears from the birds and squirrels.
But don't worry - he is too fat and lazy to actually catch anything.

Rose of Sharon
The Rose of Sharon shrubs continue to bloom well despite the Summer's heat.

Swallowtail Butterfly on Butterfly Bush
The Butterfly Bush is the most popular spot in the garden.


My okra is growing so tall I can barely reach it.
We have two kinds of okra: 'Clemson Spineless' and 'Cow Horn'

Sweet Cayenne Pepper
The Sweet Cayenne peppers are out-producing the Jalapeno peppers.

'Improved Taylor' Beans
I first planted 'Improved Taylor' beans early in May and harvested in July.
This is my second crop, planted in mid-July.

'Super Fantastic' Tomatoes
The tomato vines are looking a bit ragged, but are still making tomatoes.
However, the tomatoes are not as large as they were in July.


It seems too early for Chrysanthemums to be blooming, but the buds are beginning to open.

'Homestead Purple' Verbena
I've been very pleased with this hardy Verbena I bought in the Spring.
It has really spread out and bloomed all Summer.

Encore Azalea
I'm excited to see that the Encore Azalea is blooming again!

Have a wonderful week-end!

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  1. What a wonderful garden ... I didn't grow one this year ... I missed it.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love your cute kitty and the butterfly! Beautiful flowers and garden. Have a happy weekend!

  3. Beautiful shots. I love the flowers and butterfly and also good ones of your cat and fresh produce.

  4. Big Jay looks very content in the pear tree. There are several neighborhood cats that like to visit our yard. I am happy that they don't seem to have an appetite for birds. Probably because of the dish of cat food that the 2 resident cats eat from, and the blue jays eat from the dish as well. Everyone seems to get along. Nice photos of summers' end!

  5. Big Jay looks chilled there. It is a lovely pic. Your garden is very impressive.

  6. Love Big Jay - what a great cat in a great garden. thanks for sharing.

  7. He's so cute keeping watch on the branch. Lovely shots.

  8. Your end-of-summer garden is lovely, Lea. I love your cat -- he is well named! P. x

  9. I'm very impressed by your okra plant. Is the cayenne pepper really sweet or sweet and very hot? I like the colour of your chrysanthemum, lovely :)

  10. Lea, that picture of Big Jay is priceless! That Rose of Sharon bloom is lovely. I have two that were sent to me as trial plants but they arrived so late that I didn't get them into the ground. Maybe in another 2-3 weeks I can plant them. Thanks for stopping by my corner of Katy!

  11. Great photos! Love the cat in the tree. Your veg looks good well done.

  12. Thanks for leaving a message on my post. You have a lovely garden with super flowers, veg and guardian of the pears!

  13. Big Jay looks the part Lea :) I wish that that swallowtails visited our butterfly bushes but it must not be warm enough for them. You have some healthy looking crops - hope that you are enjoying eating them.

  14. Big Jay needs to come protect my fig tree! I'm not going to get a single King Fig it looks like.

  15. What a cat, perfect napping spot. I love your garden.

  16. Your cat looks perfect there in the tree! Love the Swallotail photo. You have a wonderful garden!

  17. Great photos! It's amazing how long tomatoes keep producing isn't it? Garden-grown tomatoes are the best!


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