Tuesday, August 20, 2013

We Have Figs! August 20-21, 2013

This post is for ABC Wednesday and Outdoor Wednesday.

ABC Wednesday
F is for Figs
For a few weeks our trees produce enough figs for us to have some to eat every day
Figs, Ficus carica, natives of the Middle East and Western Asia, are now grown in many countries.

Outdoor Wednesday
Figs are also loved by wild animals like this raccoon that raided the tree last year.
According to Wikipedia, figs were one of the first cultivated crops.
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  1. That raccoon shot is amazing. So cute, but so destructive!

  2. never figured out folks' fascination with figs myself

    1. Probably because you've only tried store-bought commercially-grown figs. Like a lot of crops, they are bred for size instead of flavor. Fresh figs, never treated with pesticides or other chemicals, right straight off the tree, perfectly ripe - there's a world of difference!
      But, of course, there are certain foods that I don't like either - beets, for example. Isn't it wonderful that we have such a wide variety of food to choose from? Yes, indeed!
      Have a wonderful day!
      Lea's Menagerie

    2. I don't like beets either. Figs not sure, but I like fig cookies.


    3. Oh, and that raccoon is so cute even though you probably got upset with him for raiding your figs.


  3. Great photos! The raccoon is kind of cute!
    Wil, ABCW Team.

  4. Yes, the raccoon is CUTE.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. My fig tree, Lattarula, was so loaded this year the branches split. I'm thinking I should have been cutting them back more. I will cut it back and hope it lives after the fruit is off. Birds and ants are all that eats mine. Yours look yummy!

  6. I love figs straight from the tree, still warm from the sun. That raccoon does look cute, but then he is helping himself to your fruit!

  7. That coon looks so caught in that pic!

    We had figs. Will have more when the king figs make.

  8. Your figs look delicious. They are my husband's favorite fruit, and we once had a bulldog that would go to any means to get figs from the tree. The squirrels do that job now! The raccoon looks so cute, but I don't think I would care for a visit! Very nice photos!

  9. I hope this year you get more figs than the raccoon does. :)

  10. feijoa, a south american fruit.

    your figs, do you pick them red?

  11. So that's what a fig looks like. Can't say I've ever seen them outsite of a Fig Newton. LOVE the raccoon pic!


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