Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wildflower Wednesday and Outdoor Wednesday March 27, 2013

Spring Beauty

Spring Beauty, Claytonia virginica, carpets this lawn a few miles down the road from my house.
Native to Eastern North America, its name honors Virginia botanist John Clayton (1694-1773).

To admire these tiny wildflowers properly, you have to get down on your knees.

Growing from small edible corms that are sometimes called 'Fairy Spuds,'
Spring Beauty's leaves and flowers are also edible.
Please Note: I do not recommend eating wildflowers.

Bees and flies are the usual pollinators, but they may be visited by butterflies as well.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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All photos, except the first one, are at my home.


  1. Beautiful, I love the closeups. So delicate!

  2. Wow Lea, that carpet is really amazing. But i love them more through your lens, very much focused which i had difficulty doing at handheld camera. I love its details, that you captured so well.

  3. The weeds/wildflowers have been making the bees that venture out in the cold very happy around our house.

  4. Lovely delicate flowers. Your combination of closeups and the pretty carpet effect on the lawn shows it so well.

  5. So delicate and much prettier than just grass!

  6. I do love an alternative to a grass covering. These are just so delicate and perfect. Chel

  7. Isn't that fantastic. I've never seen so many.

  8. so lovely, I needed a bit of Spring!

  9. They're perfectly named, they're beauties indeed.

  10. What pretty little flowers and very delicate looking. That lawn is just beautiful!

  11. Such delicate little flowers. Can't wait to see some blooms here.

  12. I do love these little beauties! There are yards all over my neighborhood that are covered in them...Happy WW!

  13. It will be a while before mine bloom, they are enchanting. The buds look kind of like Gail's toothwort buds.


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