Saturday, March 30, 2013

End of the Month View March 2013

March 2013 has been a cold, rainy, windy month, but things are greening up nicely.

The Clematis trellis was rotting and falling down.
I carefully eased parts of the old trellis away from the vine and put up another trellis.

The Peony began growing new shoots in February despite freezing temperatures.
It is so tall now that I have already put the ring-support around it.

The Tulip Magnolia has had a hard time this Spring.
A few mild days coaxed it to bud, then the cold weather returned.
You can see the damage on the edges of the petals.

The Ornamental Pear Tree is in full bloom. The evergreens to the right are Pines and Holly.
Behind the Pear to the left is a Maple and an Oak.
The green shrub in the lower right corner is Butterfly Bush.

The Daffodils have finished blooming, but the Day Lilies will soon display their cheerful colors.

The Roses are beginning to leaf out.

I am excited to see the Pink Flowering Almond I bought last year has new leaves!

March 8, 2013
On March 8, I sowed my Salad Garden - lettuce, onions, carrots, and radishes.
I mix the seeds all together and sprinkle them in large tubs of potting mix.
Kind of reckless, I know.
They are coming up, but still tiny. Sunny April days will give them a fantastic boost! 
I have also planted some onion bulbs. They mature a lot faster than the ones started from seeds.

How is your garden growing?

Happy Easter!

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  1. Im so excited for gardening this year. This post makes me more so. Spring is yet to arrive in the UK :( fingers crossed its soon. Happy Easter x

  2. Is the ornamental pear tree a bradford?

    1. I am not sure if it is a Bradford Pear or not. My Mother-in-law set it out many years ago. Hope you are having a wonderful day!

  3. I can't wait to get gardening but still a bit cold here in the UK. I love your salad garden idea. Onions and carrots grown together stop the carrot fly attacking so I will certainly try putting them all together in a large pot. Have a wonderful Easter. Chel x

  4. Hi! That peony is very nice. I must get one of those ring supports for mine, as I've been told that they do tend to flop. Looking good!

  5. Wow! I've never seen such a large pear tree! Simply gorgeous! And a Salad Garden sounds like a fun idea!

  6. I do like your salad garden does everything grow well together or is this an experiment

    Thanks for joining in this month

    1. I have grown them this way before. I think there are several reasons this works for me.
      I use a potting mix that has time-release fertilizer already in it. More nutrients than there are in my garden dirt.
      The radishes will mature quickly. As I pull them out, there is more room for the other veggies.
      The carrots are 'Little Fingers' baby carrots. They don't need as much space as regular sized carrots.
      If the lettuce is too thick (which it usually is), I pull some of the entire plants out as soon as the leaves are big enough to eat.
      You can try it in just one small space in your garden to see how it does for you. It is really pretty to see the delicate frilly carrot leaves growing amid the other veggies leaves.
      Happy Gardening!
      Lea's Menagerie

  7. Your pear tree is a beautiful shape.I like your idea of mixing salads together in one pot - might give it a try myself. Even if one does badly the others can fill in the spaces.

  8. We've been up and down all spring too. It's tiring, but then I see the green, and I am overjoyed. I love that red peony foliage. It is such a delight.~~Dee

  9. Like others have said, that pear tree is fantastic - such a beautiful shape! Good to see what else is going on too :)

  10. you have a lot happening in your garden Lea, I smiled when I read your daffodils are finished as mine have not started yet, they are late this year, happy gardening, Frances

  11. I think I have most of those in my yard too!

  12. Hi Lea,
    You look to be a couple weeks ahead of where I live. I am so glad it is April, and things are finally coming up. ;o)


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