Tuesday, March 19, 2013

ABC Wednesday and Outdoor Wednesday March 20, 2013

J is for Japonica
Japonica refers to things related to Japan.
In horticulture, japonica means a plant that is native to Japan.

Kerria japonica 'Pleniflora'  - March 21, 2012
This is a rather unruly (but beautiful!) shrub whose stems arch over into any available space.
It grows best in full sun and blooms from March to May in the United States.
March has been so cold this year that there are only tiny buds, so I used last year's photo.

Hope you are having a beautiful day!

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  1. Yellow blooms arching over this way and that way....so cool.
    JM Illinois

  2. what a great, descriptive word!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. This is a wonderful image for the first day of spring! Kate, ABC Team

  4. a new word this week for me "J"ust prefect

    PhenoMenon, ABCW Team


  5. Our Japonica's all have pinkish flowers! I've never seen this color before. Lovely.

    1. I think your Japonica is a Japanese Camellia. A really beautiful shrub!
      Lea's Menagerie

  6. Thanks, I didn't know that and I'm half Japanese!

  7. I didn't know about that lovely plant, but I really like the yellow flowers. I've been trying to incorporate some more yellow into my back garden. I wonder if it will grow in my zone 9b? I'll have to look for it at the local nurseries. Thanks for sharing!

  8. What lovely ruffled flowers, they must brighten up March no end. What a great expression - unruly, I know a few plants like that.

  9. Yellow flowers are so cheerful! Hopefully it warms up soon so you can enjoy them this year.

  10. Gorgeous yellow blooms! I can't wait for spring color! Thanks for stopping by for a visit.

  11. Hi Lea, thanks for your visit today. Your yellow flowers are so sweet. Nothing says spring more than the early flowers of Spring. However, it will be 20 degrees and that is cold, Come on Spring.
    Jeanne xo

  12. your Japanese flower hasn't come to New Zealand, or I haven't seen them.

    Thanks for visiting.

  13. That is beautiful, thanks for the info!


    Catching up (again) with this week's entries.
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  14. I love that Kerria. Have you ever grown the single flowering one? It is more delicate than the double, but I find I love them both. The doubles reside in my front garden, and the single grows in the back. They offer such a great shade of green too.


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