Thursday, March 14, 2013

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day March 2013

What's blooming in Mississippi, USA, zone 7
We are blessed to live in an area where Pansies bloom throughout the Winter months.
I bought twelve plants, already blooming, on October 31,
and they will continue to bloom until the weather gets too hot for them.

February is peak bloom time for the Daffodils at my house,
but I have a few late-season Daffodils that are just now opening their buds.

I forget about the Hyacinths for most of the year.

 Then suddenly there they are with their wonderful aroma.

Muscari, Grape Hyacinths
These are very small and easy to overlook.
I am thinking about moving them all to one flower bed for an en masse planting.

Leucojum, Snowflakes, are sometimes confused with Snowdrops, Galanthus.
One way to tell the difference is to remember that Snowflakes have several blooms per stem;
whereas, each Snowdrop bloom has its own stem.

These Hellebores are sometimes called Lenten Roses because they bloom during Lent.

If you see a yellow shrub at someone's home, it is probably Forsythia.
I let mine grow naturally, but they can be pruned into square or round shapes.

These Spirea blooms are tiny, but there are thousands of them.
When all the buds open the shrub looks like a big white ball.

The Ornamental Pear buds are just beginning to open.
They are small, so I zoomed in to show more detail.

Hope you are having a beautiful day!

Visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens to see what's blooming around the world: Click Here!


  1. Hi Lea, you have lots of nice flowers this month! I have never seen Ornamental Pear before, had to look that one up. You are a bit earlier than me, my hyacinths and forsythia are weeks away from flowering, even though London is hardiness zone 9a. I just realised I forgot to put the pansies on my post today, they have been flowering all winter too. Happy GBBD!

  2. Oh how pretty! I know that we are not to far behind you.

  3. Hi Neighbor, This is my first time with bulbs so I am not knowing what to expect. Which is a benefit for me, because I love the surprise of beautiful flowers. Everywhere I read I hear that the bulbs are slow in blooming.

  4. I'm so glad to know that the Muscari are grape hyacinths! I planted some this fall (I'm still waiting for them to come up and bloom) because they looked pretty and were on sale at a local reputable nursery. I think we're pretty close to the same bloom schedule, but it's been a little colder here, and my pansies are just about to start to blooming again. They're pretty, but I think next year I'll save my containers for impatiens, and if I do any pansies, I'll put them in the ground and mulch them well before it gets too cold.

  5. It's still winter in Colorado so it's so nice to see your beautiful flowers!

  6. thanks for the sneak peek of spring! just lovely

  7. I just found your blog ...great shots!

  8. I'm glad to see Spring!

    Happy weekend.

  9. I love all your blooms and your Ornamental Pear blossoms are lovely. You are so much further ahead of us here on Long Island. Thanks for sharing a little bit of spring!

  10. Your blooms remind me of my childhood in northeast Mississippi. They are lovely.

    I have leucojum in my garden, but it bloomed several weeks ago and is pretty much "over" now.

    Happy Bloom Day!

  11. It definitely looks like spring in your garden! I'm drooling over all these lovely blooms, but the ornamental pear is especially beautiful. Love that hot pink hyacinth, too!

  12. So many pretty flowers! I wish I had better luck with hellebores. Yours look so healthy! I only have one bloom from my hellebore!

  13. Lots of lovely colour, I particularly love the pear blossom, really beautiful.

  14. I love the bright pink pollen? of the ornamental pear, it is so pretty; it looks like you have the same hyacinth as me, although mine is not open so much yet. Christina

  15. Such a bounty of bloom. I love them all and your March Bloom Day looks like my potential for April Bloom Day. Bring it on.

  16. Happy Bloom Day from Zone 6a. Those snowflakes are so pretty. At first I thought they were a variety of snowdrops. They've gone on my fall "wishlist!" An idea for the Grape Hyacinths, we drop those directly into the lawn to naturalize like Carol did with her crocus. We are hoping for an eventual hyacinth carpet.

  17. Lea,

    This post made my day. Your flowers are gorgeous.

    Today the wind is blowing hard, the air is cold and the trees are frosted over.

    Thank You for leaving such a nice comment.

  18. Looks like Spring at your place. I am a fan of Pansies and Violas. I always wanted a River of Muscari, but hardly could maintain a trickle in zone 8b.

  19. Spring looks to well on the way in these photos. It's lovely to see your colourful blooms!

  20. So pretty! You are ahead of us in Virginia.


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