Sunday, June 9, 2013

Macro Mellow Yellows June 9-10, 2013

I am fascinated by the Butterfly Weed.
The blooms make me think of tiny ballerinas twirling around with their arms up over their heads.
Someone gave my Mother-in-law this 'Easter Lily' several years ago.
It is probably a Lillium longiflorum that was forced to bloom in the Spring.
Outside in the flower bed now, it blooms at the beginning of Summer.

Happy Monday!

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  1. Grand macros! Love the colours in the first photo and the touch of raindrops in the second!

  2. I like the butterfly weed showing the water droplets and the busy ant. Just looking at the Easter lily makes me think of the fragrance.

  3. Lovely colors and details, I love the flowers with water drops!

  4. Wonderful pictures. I love the little ant going about his business.

  5. I've never had any luck growing butterfly weed. It's beautiful.

    I don't have this kind of lily any more. Don't know why it kicked the bucket.

  6. That butterfly weed is beautiful! I am also waiting for my easter lily to come out ^_^


  7. Both are terrific macros! THe butterfly weed does remind me of ballerinas.

  8. Wonderful shots! The raindrops are so beautiful.

  9. I like the bright colors of the Butterfly Weed, and I'm sure the butterflies will love it too. I love lilies but the Easter lily has never survived for me, and now I'm trying my luck with the Regal Lilies and the Casa Blanca and have a few blooms this year. Happy gardening!

  10. Great macro in that first photo, Lea!

  11. Great capture of Butterfly Weed. :)

  12. Beautiful photos. Nice to know that EAster lily has another life in the garden.


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