Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kentucky Wonder Beans June 20, 2013

We've had rain.
We've had sunny days.
Soon we will have beans to eat!
We had a good soaking-in kind of rain on Monday, and sunny days the rest of the week. 
My Kentucky Wonder Beans are at the top of the trellis and still reaching for the sky!
I planted the beans on April 15.
Their bamboo trellis is almost 8 feet tall (2 1/2 meters).

Have a beautiful day!

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  1. Great post for the Sky-theme!

  2. Wow, congrats! I love green beans! Great shot, happy skywatching!

  3. Wow, they are growing well!

  4. Great composition of sky and green beans ~ Lovely! ~ Happy Day to you ^_^

  5. My pole beans were planted about May 15 here when the soil warmed up some so I will be about a month behind you, though wax beans and runner beans could be planted April 15. Here's to blue skies!

  6. Wow, it's almost time to harvest!!

  7. We had a couple of big rains this past week. One on Weds. I think.

    Those are gonna taste so good.

  8. Love green beans and home grown vegetables are good for us! Great shot love it.


  9. Sounds like you are having some perfect weather for the garden! Keep reaching for the sky!

  10. great beans - and you can't beat that blue sky!!

  11. Home grown veggies - everybody should try to grow something!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  12. I hope my two surviving hills of beans continue to grow and produce. I'm not sure if the rabbit that briefly found a way into the vegetable garden, or insects. The plant that was not bothered is next to a garlic patch.

    Great photo, by they way! I used to participate in Skywatch Friday, and am not sure why I don't anymore. Maybe I will again.

  13. Awesome! I wish I could get beans to grow around here.


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