Friday, December 7, 2018

Willy Nilly Friday, December 7, 2018

Willy Nilly Friday 5, Sky Watch Friday, and Floral Friday Fotos

1. After The Rain (Sky Watch Friday)
Prentiss County, Mississippi, USA, December 1, 2018
We are thankful that the rain stopped before the temperatures dropped below freezing again.

2. Autumn Color
Prentiss County, Mississippi, USA, December 2, 2018
My Spirea 'Ogon' is a golden yellow!

And some of the leaves are beginning to darken to a bronze color.

3. Amaryllis Lily (Floral Friday Fotos)
Prentiss County, Mississippi, USA, December 6, 2018
Hippeastrum, commonly called Amaryllis, may be grown outside in areas with mild winter weather, but for most of us they are houseplants. The bulbs are very popular as Christmas gifts as they are very easy to grow and have large blooms. This bulb (I bought it for myself) put up two bloom stalks so when these flowers fade there are more to come!

One of the buds met with an accident. I put it in a small jar of water, and it opened up, too!
(The slight variation in color between the two photos is because one is with flash and the other without).

4. Mistletoe
Lee County, Mississippi, USA, December 4, 2018
We usually think of parasites as animals, but there are parasitic plants, too. For several hundred years it has been a Christmas tradition for lovers to kiss under the Mistletoe.

Mistletoe is poisonous so be very careful if you use it as part of your Christmas decorations.

5. Christmas Joy!
Prentiss County, Mississippi. USA, December 3, 2018
A friend's husband cut a Birch limb into small rounds, and my friend hand-lettered the JOY and gave one to me. May your life be filled with Christmas Joy!

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Lovely seeing your fall foliage as ours (upstate NY) is long gone. That birch limb is perfect for the season. Hope you continue to dodge harsh weather, and I'm happy to know that amaryllis buds will open in water if there is an accident. Good to know. Have a wonderful week.

  2. ...I'll take snow over ice anyday.
    ...I had a Spirea 'Ogon', but thankfully it never grew that tall.
    ...I use to buy Mistletoe, it was quite expensive at the wholesale florist.
    ...spread the joy.
    Thanks Lea for sharing, enjoy your weekend.

  3. LOVE what your friend DoD with the birch wood!

    Your flowers & autumn colors are pretty.

  4. That Spirea is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your joy--that is a cute holiday decoration. :)

  5. I love the sky in your first pic, Lea!

  6. I've not heard of spirea before. That first shot's a beauty.

  7. I didn't know (or had forgotten) that mistletoe is poisonous. Thanks for the reminder, and looks like that tree is full of it!

  8. Great shots! Have a good weekend.

  9. Lovely sky photo! others are great too!

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  10. Love the light on the clouds

  11. The cloud capture is awesome, i first thought it's snow capped mountains, More joy to you


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