Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Spring Beauties, February 28, 2018

Wildflower Wednesday is the 4th Wednesday of each month.
Prentiss County, Mississippi, USA, February 19, 2018
Claytonia virginica, Spring Beauty, is usually the first wildflower I see here in northeast Mississippi each year. They are only 4 or 5 inches tall, and the pretty little blooms are about the size of your thumbnail. They are native Wildflowers in eastern North America, and their botanical name honors Virginia botanist John Clayton (1694 - 1773).

Happy Wildflower Wednesday!

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  1. They're up here, too. I love them! Happy WW.

  2. What beauties! I am tickled that spring is almost here.

  3. ...Spring Beauty, is an appropriate name.

  4. So cute and tiny. I bet the bees can find them easily.
    Jeannie @ GetMeToTheCountry

  5. Wow, you are way ahead of me (which isn't surprising, but still). My Spring Beauties bloom in late April or May. They are special little buddies, aren't they? Happy WW!


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