Thursday, February 15, 2018

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, February 2018

The northeast corner of Mississippi, USA zone 7

My Hellebores have had buds for a month, but the weather has been so cold they have hesitated about opening. We have had milder temperatures and lots of rain this past week,
and I think that encouraged the buds to begin to open just in time for Bloom Day!

To add music to your garden,
Goldfinches, Prentiss County, Mississippi, USA, January 27, 2018
...feed the birds!

Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

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  1. ...My Hellebores are encased in snow!

  2. Your picture gives me the hope of spring. I have a hellebore buried under snow. I haven't seen it this year; It had flower buds on it the last time I saw it. I wonder if they survived? In upstate New York, we are so ready for spring but can't complain - it's getting into the 50's today!

  3. Love, love your pretty hellebore buds, and I'm imagining the finches with summer plumes. Beautiful!

  4. Hooray for hellebores! Winter bloomers help keep gardeners sane during the long cold months before spring. Sweet Goldfinches.

  5. Love the 'songs' in your garden. I don't think I've ever seen this flower.

  6. Lea! It's been a VERY long time, but so glad to see that you're still blogging. :)

    I'm dipping my toes back into my blog this year, hopefully I can keep up with at least the Bloom Day posts.

    Hope you're doing well!!

  7. Your Hellebore buds are a wonderful sight Lea and I love the photo of the Goldfinches. We are in the same zone, yet we don't see too many of them here.

  8. No flowers here but we do have some Goldfinches!

  9. Birds are our salvation on these gray winter days. I'm glad to see that you are feeding yours!

  10. How lovely that your hellebores have finally opened their buds! Seems like spring is coming soon!
    Enjoy your blooms!
    Best wishes,

  11. Is a bird feeder it looks amazing,birds seems enjoying it a lot

  12. I checked my hellebores and they too are still buds. Last year they bloomed much earlier. This year I will enjoy them more because of the long awaited anticipation.
    Jeannie @

  13. It must be lovely to see the hellebores begin to bloom! :)

  14. Hello Lea! I hope your hellebores opened for you and that you are enjoying the lovely blooms! Happy GBBD!


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