Wednesday, October 4, 2017

American Coots, October 4, 2017

Wild Bird Wednesday and I'd Rather B Birdin'

Pickwick, Tennessee, USA, October 2, 2017
The American Coots, Fulica americana, have returned - a sure sign cold weather is on its way!

In the southwestern part of the United States, Coots are all-year residents. Here in the southeast the Coots are migratory, going farther north to nest and raise their young before returning to us in the Autumn. Look for them feeding on aquatic plants around the edges of lakes, marshes and ponds.

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  1. Hello, I always enjoy seeing the Coots. Great captures. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  2. They are lovely. Haven't seen them in my area.

  3. They are great looking birds!

  4. Oh, they are fun birds. I've only happened across them a few times. Nice photos!

  5. Hello. Coots are nice birds. Great photos.

  6. Nice to see these. We don't see them on our local lake.

  7. Cool!!! What with all the birding areas that I normally would see coots residing inaccessible, this was a special treat!!! As always, your participation at I'd Rather B Birdin' for the weekend is very much appreciated. Thanks for joining in.

  8. Great pics. Sorry I've not been able to comment in a while.


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