Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Killdeer and Wildflowers, September 23, 2015

Wild Bird Wednesday, ABC Wednesday, Wildflower Wednesday, and Wednesday Waters

Wild Bird Wednesday and ABC Wednesday
K is for Killdeer
Killdeer, Guntersville Lake, Alabama, USA, September 11, 2015

The Killdeer, Charadrins vociferous, gets its name from its call, a shrill kill-deee, or killdeer, or sometimes dee-dee-dee. Their range covers most of North America and parts of South America.

Easily identified by the two black bands across the breast, Killdeer are the most common Plovers in the United States. (Weird how that rock looks like it has teeth).

Most often seen near water, Killdeer probe the mud to find and eat worms, snails, small crustaceans, and insects. Their colors blend in with the rocky shore. I didn't see the second one until I loaded the photos onto my computer!
Wildflower Wednesday
On the Natchez Trace Parkway, Lee County, Mississippi, USA, September 13, 2015

Mimosa microphylla, Littleleaf Sensitive Briar, is a native wildflower of the southern United States.  It is a member of the Pea family, but its thumbnail-size bloom is nothing like what you expect from a Pea.

The thorny stems are weak so that the plant trails along the ground. The pinnate leaves react to being touched by closing up, hence the 'sensitive' part of its name. The leaves also close at night and on very cloudy days.

I think this pollinator is a Hoverfly, Milesia virginiensis, aka Good News Bee. It completely ignored me as I was down on my knees using my macro lens. It was systematically working its way across the bloom, getting nectar and/or pollen from each tiny port.

Wednesday Waters
Tishomingo County, Mississippi, USA, September 20, 2015

On Sunday we spent the afternoon at Tishomingo State Park. This view of Bear Creek was made from the bridge at the beginning of one of the hiking trails. Most of our trees are still green, but with cooler temperatures, we are beginning to see hints of Autumn color.

Hope You Have a Beautiful Day!

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  1. A great series of photos. I especially like the photos of the Killdeer next to the water - not a bird we see out here in Australia.

  2. Pretty bird and a unique name!
    Happy ABCW!

  3. Great series, the Killdeer are sweet birds. Lovely photos. Enjoy your day!

  4. I can almost hear the call of the killdeer as I see them in your photos.

  5. Thank you for introducing the killdeer to me!
    Have a great week.
    Wil, ABCW Team

  6. very nice images of the Killdeers :)

  7. I loved seeing Killdear when we lived close to the coast and had our early morning walks. Nice photos!

  8. That's a beautiful Mimosa flower. Gillian

  9. Wonderful photographs, thank you for posting and taking me along your trip !

    Have a nice abc-week / day
    ♫ Mel☺dy ♫

  10. Cute Killdeer photos, they do like water but I have seen them everywhere I have lived, frequently on soccer fields. I love their call. I miss the Sensitive plant from my Houston childhood, we liked to play with them. The Hoverfly is cute, too, great details, Lea.

  11. What a pretty flower, the pea family is an inventive flora.

  12. Love the first, third and last pic best. ;-)

  13. Lovely series of photos. Love the pattern on the bird's feather and beautiful view of the creek.

  14. Hi Lea, I enjoyed seeing your photos in the different posts until I got down to your Wildflower Wednesday one. You have some birds we do not have, or at least that I haven't seen here in SE Nebraska. Your water spots are so beautiful! I don't know if we have that mimosa, either. What a pretty bloom! Your hoverfly reminds me of the yellow jacket hover flies I have seen here.


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