Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Square-Pod Water-Primrose, January 28, 2015

Wildflower Wednesday and Outdoor Wednesday
Lee county, Mississippi, USA
On one of my walks, these seed pods hanging over the edge of a pond caught my attention.  They were the most unusual looking seed pods I've ever seen.

Ludwigia alternifolia
When I got home and looked them up, I discovered they are commonly called Seedbox (easy to see why).  Their official name is Square-Pod Water-Primrose, Ludwigia alternifolia.  They can be found in the eastern and middle United States (as far west as Colorado) and eastern Canada.  Look for them in moist areas such as swamps and alongside ponds and streams.  We will have to wait until Summer to see them in bloom.

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  1. Lea, I haven't seen one of those seed pods; beautiful! They are truly different! Thanks for sharing.

  2. That is an incredible seed pod and appropriately named! Nice photos, both.

  3. Have never seen those seed pods. They really are interesting. You will have to share some photos when they are in bloom.

  4. My eyes are drawn to seed pods as reliably as flowers, and these are especially worthy of attention. They look manufactured rather than grown, somehow. I'm with Grandma Barg - I'm really looking forward to seeing what the blooms look like later in the year.

  5. Very strange looking seed pod for sure. I've never seen one.

  6. Interesting -- had not heard of them before.

  7. Hi Lea, I see I am not the only one to post seed heads. I've never seen this kind. They are cool looking!

  8. Those square seed pods are unique! Have never seen anything like them. Most interesting post.


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