Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Killdeer, June 29, 2016

Pickwick, Tennessee, USA, June 6, 2016
Killdeers, in the Plover family, are the most commonly seen shorebirds in the United States. Unlike most other shorebirds, they venture inland to live near ponds, lakes and waterways. Their main food sources are beetles, grasshoppers, and other insects. Also included in their diet: spiders, earthworms, centipedes, crayfish, snails, and seeds. Their name comes from their call: a loud piercing kill-deer, kill-dee, dee-dee-dee!

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  1. I have a large group of Killdeer this year, what a treat.

  2. Not sure I've seen one of those before; cool markings!

  3. Hello, I think the Killdeer are so cute. Great shot! Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  4. He's posing nicely. I just love the name.


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