Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hibiscus, July 14, 2015

Our World Tuesday and Ruby Tuesday Too

Hibiscus, Jackson, Tennessee, USA, July 9, 2015

Last Thursday a friend and I went to a Master Gardeners' Plant Sale in Jackson, TN.

I've read in gardening catalogs about flowers as big as dinner plates, but I always thought they were exaggerating just a little.  No exaggeration, these Hibiscus blooms are larger than dinner plates!  I just stood there, astounded, while my friend walked around looking at all the other plants for sale.

The red Hibiscus were not as large as the pink ones, but very eye-catching.  I didn't buy one, did not even look at the price tag, just stood there admiring.

I hope you find beauty in your world today!

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  1. Gorgeous! I love hibiscuses and the red one is stunning.

  2. I love the hibiscus blooms, gorgeous images. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  3. Sometimes it is amazing to me that nurseries don't charge for taking pictures of their flowers.

  4. Whoa, those hibiscus are huge! And oh so beautiful.

  5. Gorgeous floral shots! Divine!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  6. *Great photos of the Hibiscus. They are beautiful flowers. I have only had success in growing the more common varieties and they are smaller. Those big ones are especially beautiful.

  7. the smaller red hibiscus is Malaysia's national flower.

  8. These giant hibiscus were my mother's favorite. She had red, pink and white ones. They were very faithful flowers and were beautiful every year, requiring very little work.

  9. Just stunning! I bet they were amazing to see. I wish I had several in different colors.

  10. Pretty - I love seeing those hibiscus that get as big as dinner plates.


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