Saturday, July 11, 2015

Birds and Bunnies, July 11, 2015

Saturday Silhouettes, I'd Rather B Birdin', Camera Critters, and Saturday's Critters

Saturday Silhouettes
Male Ruby-Throated Hummingbird, Prentiss county, Mississippi, USA, June 2, 2015
I was disappointed that this photo was so dark. Then I realized it would be great for Saturday Silhouettes.

I'd Rather B Birdin'
Great Blue Herons, Tennessee River near Pickwick Dam, July 6, 2015

I love to watch the Herons.  They are so elegant and graceful.

Though I must admit this one looks a bit awkward coming in for a landing!

Camera Critters and Saturday's Critters

Booneville City Park, Booneville, Mississippi, USA, July 5, 2015

I usually see birds and squirrels in the park, but rabbits are not so common.

It was alert, but not frightened, as I walked by.

Have a wonderful week-end!

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  1. Awesome post, lea! I love the hummer, herons and the adorable bunny! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post! Have a happy weekend!

  2. Great shots of our feathered friends and love the bunny!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  3. Great first shot and I love the Herons adn Bunnies. Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Sweet sweet bunny...lovely heron images...and wonderful hummer silhouette!!!

  5. The humming bird photo is my favorite today. Nice job.

  6. my hummers here one day in Fl this year sadly

  7. What a grand post. Adore those spread wings on the little hummer and what a cute little rabbit.

  8. Lovely pictures you capture, aww the little bunnies :)

  9. Great shots, I especially love your silhouette shots.

  10. Nicely done....I've only had a couple humming birds visit this year♪

  11. Wonderful photos! Loved the hummer!

  12. That hummingbird shot is fantastic! Really lovely images!

  13. Great set, Lea. The herons put on a great performance for you!

  14. Lovely photos! The rabbits are adorable.

  15. Love the shots of the graceful and not so graceful herons.

  16. Great series. The first shot is awesome.

  17. What a great collection of wildlife shots, Lea! The bird in silhouette is lovely.
    Thanks for joining Saturday Silhouettes. I look forward to your next contribution!

  18. Great pics of the herons. Have been seeing a ton 'o bunnies along the bike trail here.


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