Friday, June 19, 2015

Baling Hay, June 19, 2015

Lee county, Mississippi, USA, June 17, 2015

Storm clouds began to move into our area Wednesday afternoon, and the farmers had to rush to get their already cut hay baled before the rain.

After the hay is cut it is left in the fields to dry in the sun.  An instrument to measure moisture content may be used to tell the farmer when the hay is dry enough to bale. Then the dry hay is raked into rows.

The baler follows the rake to gather up and compress the hay into round bales, and it wraps the bales in plastic.  The plastic will protect the hay bales from the rain.  The bales may be sold straight from the field or moved into storage to be sold later.

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  1. It is amazing to me how farmers need to balance rain, with dry weather to do everything they need done.

  2. Great post! The first sky shot is beautiful. I hope the hay was gathered before the storm arrived.
    Have a happy Friday and weekend ahead!

  3. Hope they got done in time. It sure is a matter of perfect timing!

  4. The very same baling is going on here these days.

  5. I love your rural skies! Very beautiful.

  6. Even with all the technology we have, much of our most basic industry still relies on the hand of the weather. Somehow, I find that pleasing.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


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