Tuesday, March 31, 2015

End of the Month View, March 31, 2015

At the end of each month I like to review what has been happening in my garden. Although March has been cold, I have a few flowers blooming.

Flowers and Shrubs
Prentiss county, Mississippi, USA

I've had lots of daffodil blooms in various combinations of yellow, orange, and white, but I think this one, Tahiti, is the prettiest.  

Flowering Almond

This Flowering Almond is full of tiny blooms.  My mother called these small shrubs Rosy Almond, and I think of her especially in the Spring when it is blooming.

Flowering Quince

Flowering Quince is another Spring blooming shrub.

This small tree is known as Tulip Magnolia or Saucer Magnolia. Many hybrids have been developed with bloom colors ranging from a deep, dark pink to a pale, cream color. 

I did not plant a Fall/Winter vegetable garden, but I have started Spring planting.

With 40 onion bulbs I am planting 10 at a time with 2 weeks between each planting.  That will spread out the harvest so we will not have more onions than we can use at any one time.  Also I have potatoes chitting that will be ready to plant soon.

Happy Gardening!

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  1. Your flowers and blossoms are very pretty. Not much happening here, everything is still brown..Have a happy week!

  2. Very pretty flowers. That daffodil is lovely, I wondered if the flowers are so heavy that the stems bend, seen that on some here

  3. Such beautiful flowers! This tulip magnolia has an amazing color!

  4. I don't plant a garden anymore, but I definitely remember getting the sets for onions and other items. Texas is an unusual state to grow veggies...better in the early spring or later in the fall.

  5. Some wonderful photos, I do like the flowering Almond.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. Oh, your flowering almonds are very pretty, I have never seen them before. And I absolutely love magnolias, I have a tulip one too, I think they are the prettiest, min is called ‘Heaven Scent’. Happy GBBD!

  7. Beautiful blooms Lea. The flowering almond is a new one on me, it's lovely.

  8. Your photos are gorgeous. :)

  9. Nice post - we are about to work put what we will plant for the winter - different places, same planet.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  10. Not only is Tahiti a beauty, the spicy fragrance is just wonderful.

    Magnolias have 'watermelon' fragrance. I'm all about plants that smell good as well as look good.

  11. It's good to have a few blooms this time of year. I've never thought of staggering my onion plantings. I do pick them at different sizes, though.

  12. Beautiful flowers -- my favorite is the top one. Finally starting to see some blooming here!


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