Saturday, October 26, 2013

October Salad Days, October 26, 2013

'Grand Rapids' Lettuce, October 5, 2013
'Grand Rapids' Lettuce seeds were sown the last week in August
First harvest was October 5th, very near the '45 days to maturity' promised on the seed packet.
Now the weather is getting much colder, I'm covering the plants at night.
'Limestone Bibb' Lettuce, October 26, 2013
The first sowing of this lettuce failed to germinate, probably because the weather was still too hot.
'Limestone Bibb' Lettuces sown again on September 18. They are growing very slowly.

'Fooled You' mild Jalapeno Pepper, October 26, 2013
I've been covering the pepper plants at night hoping to coax a few more to get to eating size.
The rest of my garden (beans, tomatoes, okra) is finished. I'm already planning for next year!

First Frost, October 26, 2013
The view this morning at breakfast - first frost!
The field in the background is Soy Beans ready for harvest.

Have a beautiful day!

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  1. I'm wondering where you live that you are harvesting lettuce at this time of year. What a wonderful treasure to have fresh lettuce!

  2. Your lettuce looks great! We had our first frost last night also...

  3. It is good to still be harvesting lettuce this late. We haven't had frosts yet, but it won't be long.
    I really like that last picture. The red roof on the building compliments nature's colours.

  4. I'm sure my basil will be whacked in a few days. I need to go ahead and pick it all.

  5. Wow, your garden is still growing. We were below freezing every night last week, so no more growing season here, though a few fall flowers are tenaciously holding on.

  6. My lettuce still look like the ones in the second picture! At least the snails have not found them (yet!) Nice.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


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