Monday, September 30, 2013

End of the Month View, September 30, 2013

Sulphur Butterfly
Most of the tree leaves are still green, but a few are beginning to turn red or yellow.
I almost missed seeing this Sulphur butterfly on the Chinese Parasol Tree.

Chestnut Tree
Soon the Chestnut Tree's burrs will open. Even the dog likes to eat chestnuts!

Most of our pears are medium sized, but we get a few extra-large jumbos.

My Cow Horn Okra plants must think that they are trees this year.
I have six plants and they are twice as tall as my other okras (Clemson Spineless - 10 plants).
We have had a really good crop of okra this year, and as you can see, they are still blooming.

Jalapeno and Cayenne Peppers
The tomatoes are finished, but we are still getting a few peppers.

The Marigolds have bloomed steadily all year since I set the plants out in the Spring.

Spider Lilies
Recent rains have brought the Spider Lilies up!

Chrysanthemums are a sure sign that Autumn is here.

I hope you have enjoyed the End of the Month View of my garden.

Have a Wonderful Week!

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  1. Great shots and I adore spider lilies. They are amazing.

  2. Nothing is quite so beautiful as mums!

    Thanks for your contribution to Ruby Tuesday Too!

    Stained Glass Rubies

  3. That butterfly has excellent camouflage. The rest of the garden it still very colourful, and I am glad you told us that was a pear, as I would have been puzzled!

  4. Sweet autumn! Everything is so full and ripe. Hope you have a great week too!

  5. Great captures -- love the spider lilies and the mums!! Vivid colors!

  6. Lea you have a good crop and some jewels of flowers, the butterfly is beautiful and I can see how you could nearly miss it, I love that spider lily, Frances

  7. I like the brightly colored flowers, especially the spider lily. I've never seen them around here but they look beautiful. Have a great week!

  8. The Mums and spider lily look great! You must not have a terrible squirrel problem like I do, they eat all my nuts before they are ripe. Your crop of chestnuts looks amazing. I tried to grow chestnuts but they were one nut that didn't grow for me.

  9. Have never heard of a spider lily -- I like it!

  10. Hi Lea! Your mums are so lovely! I prefer this color to the yellow.

  11. My chestnuts are loaded this year too.

    Wow, look at that pear!

  12. Hi Lea, I enjoyed your end of the month review. I love the details on the Sulphur. I want to grow okra again, and try to keep up with the harvest. My problem is that I don't always get them picked before they get big and tough. Our neighbors gave me some this summer, and I put them in a veggie soup, and they were yummy!

  13. Your sulphur butterfly looks beautiful, Lea, well spotted. My marigolds self-seeded happily and look much stronger and nicer than the original plants. Take care :)


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