Thursday, September 19, 2013

Being in the Right Place at the Right Time, September 19-20, 2013

Sunset, Monday, September 16, 2013, Itawamba county, Mississippi, USA
Now that sunset comes earlier, I am sometimes on my way home at that time of the day. This power line is about 10 minutes from my house. But all too soon, I'll be driving home in the dark, especially on Mondays when I am out later than on other days.

Have a wonderful week-end!

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  1. Beautiful powerline shot, and a bummer we are getting to that time of year where we will be missing sunsets!

  2. I haven't made the effort recently to truly be in the right place at the right time. Nicely done.

  3. A very nice shot. The sun really looks like a fiery ball! I am noticing the shortening of the days. The weather has finally cooled down enough here that it is actually pleasant to be in the garden again. Have a great weekend!

  4. A lovely orange sky and a beautiful sunset. Have a happy weekend!

  5. Solar energy versus electrical energy!
    Great shot!

  6. Me too and I hate it. I usually start coming in a lot earlier so I can make it home before it's so dark.

    Happy weekend.

  7. Excellent shot! I love how the powerlines give the sky such interesting patterns.

  8. Sept is slipping by fast! lovely Orange:

  9. Great picture, Lea! It is the first day of autumn today, and the weather here is very fall-like. This is not my favorite season, as it heralds winter -- I hate to see the end of the gardening season. P. x


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