Monday, February 18, 2013

Macro Monday and Monday Mellow Yellows February 18, 2013

Narcissus, a part of the Amaryllis family, are commonly called Daffodils or Jonquils.
Native to Europe, North Africa, and West Asia,
now they are grown in many countries around the world.

Because they are easy-to-grow, they are often planted in public places.
This en masse planting is in the Mill Village neighborhood of Tupelo, MS
(All other photos are at my house)

Colors range from white to various shades of yellow and orange.
However, plant breeders are developing other colors - shades of pink, rose, and lavender.

TheTrumpet varieties have center sections that are as long or longer than the petals.

Small-Cupped Daffodils have short center sections,
no more than one-third the length of the petals.

My favorite variety is this Double Daffodil, Butter and Eggs.

According to Wikipedia, Narcissus can be used as a singular or plural noun.
However, Narcissi and Narcissuses are also acceptable in both American and British English.

Happy Monday!

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  1. A wonderful range of varieties of these gorgeous flowers! Stunning photos!

  2. Oh my oh my....what a delightful post!!! Just look at all the pretties under the beautiful trees. Wow.

  3. So Pretty! You have so many daffodils, I love it!

  4. Magnificent photography of colorful nature's gems for MOM ~ ^_^

  5. I've never seen 'Butter and Eggs' before but I think it is my favorite, too! I didn't know they belonged to the amaryllis family. It's a big family!

  6. NOw these are all I am missing. Can't wait for Spring to come! Beautiful captures Lea!

    Hopping from Mellow Yellow MOnday.
    Yummy Yellow
    Your comment is always appreciated!

  7. So pretty. Can't wait till Spring to see them popping up here!

  8. great shots - not seen many daffs in the wild yet but then i've not in the wilds looking much.

  9. Daffodils are my favorite! I love the plain solid yellow ones best. Nice captures.

  10. my favorite spring flower! beautifully done

  11. Your daffodils are lovely...especially that double one!

  12. WOW now that is a lot of daffodils! I can not wait until ours come up, but they are barely breaking ground right now.

  13. It's official! My first jonquil sighting of the year. And what beautiful varieties you've shared. Couldn't possibly pick a favorite but maybe I too lean toward Butter'n Eggs.

  14. My crocus are just coming up...I'm new to gardening and bulbs. I planted daffodils and tulips..they are coming up but yours have already sprouted...I wonder if it is because I am warmer here???

  15. They're all gorgeous! I'm so ready for spring, but we're getting more snow once again.

  16. Ahh, that 'Butter and Eggs' was beautiful, and unusual. I am waiting for my first daffodils to pop open here in London, not long to go now!

  17. I was raised with Daffodils and you can never have too many. I think the best part is when you can stand in a patch of fragrant jonquillas and just breathe.


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