Saturday, May 15, 2021

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, May 2021

Northeast Mississippi, USA, zone 7b
The 15th of each month is Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

Click on the photos to see them at their best.

My white rose bloomed in April and is resting awhile, but I have three other roses blooming.

And there are a few blooms left on the Kerria japonica shrub 'Pleniflora.' It may look like a rose, but it is not.

A Clematis whose name I have forgotten

Honeysuckle is an invasive vine, but very pretty. You just have to keep it under control or it will try to take over the place! The buds are pink, but they open white. As the flowers wither they turn yellow.

Another invasive plant - Thistle.

Butterweed, a wildflower

Another wildflower, Spiderwort

And now a look at things to come...
...there are buds on the Hydrangeas!

Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

To see blooms from around the world, visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens: Click Here!

NOTE: Please do not my photos without my permission.


  1. A dazzling array of colour to kickstart the weekend.

  2. Hello,

    The roses and clematis are beautiful. We have some honeysuckle, it can take over. Pretty photos! Have a happy weekend!

  3. Enjoyed your blooms, especially the 2nd rose - how pretty! Happy GBBD to you. Alana

  4. I do love visiting your garden each month. I especially like your roses. Just beautiful.

  5. Lovely flowers---great colors. Our Kerria is blooming also. Love the CandyCane Rose

  6. YOur blooms are lovely. Honeysuckle is multi-colored. I bet it smells sweet too. Awaiting the scent of lilacs to fill the air here. Front tulips finally bloomed today. I must get a photo.

  7. A beautiful array of flowers to start your May. Every year I make the rounds of my gardens to pull out invasive honeysuckle seedlings. They seem to be never ending.

  8. You've got a lovely collection of roses, Lea. In contrast, I only have one that's cooperating with me this month.

  9. Gorgeous flowers! Love the red and white striped rose!

  10. Some of the weeds have beautiful flowers the thistle! Enjoy your day!

  11. Gorgeous blooms! Invasive or not.

  12. I did not know thistle was invasive. I though it was a native wildflower. Learned something today.


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