Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Red-Headed Woodpecker, December 16, 2015

Wild Bird Wednesday

Red-Headed Woodpecker, Pickwick, Tennessee, USA, December 7, 2015
Red-Headed Woodpeckers, Melanerpes erythrocephalus, may be seen all across the eastern half of the United States. They eat insects, seeds, nuts, corn, berries and other fruit.

They nest in dead trees or dead parts of living trees near fields or in open forests. Sometimes they excavate nesting holes in utility poles or buildings. They are very territorial and aggressive in defense of their nests. Predators include snakes, raccoons, hawks, falcons, and owls.

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  1. Pretty woodpeckers and gorgeous photo. Enjoy your day!

  2. Very beautiful bird! So elegant!
    Have a nice day, Catherine)

  3. That is a perfect shot against the blue sky!

  4. I never would have thought that a snake would prey on a woodpecker. Your photos are gorgeous - this is a beautiful bird.

    1. Thanks for your visit and comment. Snakes can crawl up into the trees to the nests and eat the eggs and baby birds.

  5. i love the redheads! it took me 30 years before i finally saw one here in texas last year! saw them all the time in wisconsin! :)

  6. Lucky YOU!!! The bird is gorgeous!....and your photos super.

  7. What a great looking bird! Great shots as well!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  8. Those are great images! Love seeing the woodpeckers.

  9. Great shots of one of the most handsome North American woodpeckers.

  10. Isn't he handsome? We mostly have the downy kind here.


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