Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Starling, February 24, 2021

Wild Bird Wednesday and My Corner of the World

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Tupelo, Mississippi, USA, February 21, 2021
European Starlings, Sturnus vulgaris, can be found all across most of North America.

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  1. Just goes to prove that people should pay more attention to starlings.

  2. They look lovely in the sunshine!

  3. They are fascinating to observe for sure! Happy Wednesday!

  4. They are greedy birds, almost as voracious as squirrels. But I admire their feathers.

  5. Nicely captured photo with details of the feathers!

  6. Starlings are common where I live in New York State but I never noticed iridescent feathers on one. Nice capture!

  7. I saw my first European Starling not too long ago. I don't think I would have noticed how colorful they were if I hadn't taken a picture. Love this guy's colors!

  8. A beautiful bird with such bad table manners when they are in groups. They leave the bird baths looking like unflushed toilet bowls. On a more positive note, I have seen them do those swarming swirling waves of patterns when coming in to roost at dusk. It's a sight to behold. Your photo is very lovely.

  9. I love watching these gorgeous creatures as the sun dazzles on their feathers!

    Your link is a great addition to 'My Corner of the World' this week!


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