Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Barn Collective, April 30, 2017

Lee County, Mississippi, USA, April 22, 2017
Your bird for today is...

Shiloh, Tennessee, USA, March 9, 2017 
...the Northern Mockingbird, Mimus polyglottos (many-tongued mimic).

Have a blessed day!

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  1. ...oh I do like that rusty barn roof. We have mockingbirds here, I rarely see them, but I enjoy their songs. Thanks so much Lea for stopping by, I hope to see you again soon.

  2. Looks like the barn still has a purpose---thank goodness.
    Love the Mockingbird.

  3. We have these mockingbirds around here, just not at my house. Love both barn and bird.

  4. Love the mockingbird - don't have them around here

  5. I like the setting of this barn, Lea! Looks like someone needs a riding lawn mower!


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