Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Ringed Turtle-Dove, July 20, 2016

Tupelo, Mississippi, USA
Ringed Turtle-Doves, Streptopelia risoria, may be found in city parks and suburban areas in the southern United States. They are closely related to the Collared Doves of Europe and Asia. They have been kept as caged pets for so long that they have lost many of their survival skills. Those that escape captivity (or are released by their owners) depend heavily on people who maintain year-round bird feeders or who feed birds in parks. They eat grain, seeds and fruit.

I saw this pair of Doves behind a restaurant near a residential area. They are probably surviving on food scraps from the restaurant and visits to bird feeders.

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  1. Thank you for this interesting post

  2. What a beautiful bird. All we have are morning doves. The ring is beautiful, but its feet are a gorgeous color. genie

  3. I like this post and photos very much!! The Collared doves are so quiet and peaceful...

  4. Nice photos! I have a family of collared doves living in my garden and surrounding area, they come here every day together with 2-3 pigeons and they sit and wait until the smaller songbirds have been on the birdfeeders. Once the smaller birds are finished, the doves and pigeons move in and hoover up everything they have dropped to the ground. It’s amazing to see how they patiently sit and wait for things to fall – and sometimes they can’t wait so they sit under the birdfeeder, waiting for the seeds to fall on them. And they are not afraid of me at all, in fact, sometimes when I am outside the doves come right up to me and sit and steer at me, just like my cat used to do. I know that means it’s time to go and fill up the birdfeeders again! Clever birds :-)

    1. Hello Helene! You have such a wonderful collection of beautiful flowers! As I scrolled down your GBBD post, each flower was prettier than the one before, but one stood out above the rest. The white lilies with the yellow throats are stunning!


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