Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Big Hill Pond State Park, February 3-4, 2015

Outdoor Wednesday, Wild Bird Wednesday, ABC Wednesday

Outdoor Wednesday

Big Hill Pond State Park is on Highway 57 between Ramer and Pocahontas, Tennessee, USA.  When my husband and I were there (January 29th) the weather was pleasantly cool with partly cloudy skies.

The trail we chose to walk wound around and down a steep hill.  Actually we went down several steep hills!  (And, of course, we had to hike back up them, too).

We saw lots of ferns growing between the rocks, mushrooms on fallen trees, and patches of moss all along the way.

After about 20 minutes we came to the boardwalk that stretches eight-tenths of a mile across Dismal Swamp.  We walked across and then turned back the way we came.  Next time we will walk the other end of the trail.  (Both ends of the trail come together at the same trailhead where visitors park their cars).

Bald Cypress, Taxodium distichum

Many of the trees growing in the swamp are Bald Cypress.  They can be identified by their rough exfoliating bark and knobby 'knees.'  In the Autumn their leaves turn golden orange before they fall.

Cypress knees (Cypress tree roots)
Cypress trees survive the soggy wet conditions by growing some of their roots aboveground. These roots are called knees.  I was startled to see that some of them seem to have faces!

Wild Bird Wednesday
White-Throated Sparrow, Big Hill Pond State Park, January 29, 2015
The White-Throated Sparrow is a Winter visitor across the southeastern United States.  It will return to Canada or the extreme northern US to raise its young.  My bird book tells me that their song sounds like they are saying 'Sweet Sweet Canada, Canada, Canada.'  Isn't it interesting how birds can fluff up their feathers to conserve body heat?

ABC Wednesday
D is for Deer
White-Tailed Deer, Big Hill Pond State Park, January 29, 2015
As we were leaving the park, we saw a half-dozen deer.  This one stood her ground while the others bounded off.  Then, quick as a flash, she was gone, too! 

It was an exhilarating day!  My latest blood tests show that my Leukemia is still in remission (Praise God!), but my red blood count is still too low (anemia).  I feel well and have a good appetite.  The walk at Big Hill Pond State Park was the most strenuous walking that I have been able to do.  Going down the trail was just a matter of being careful not to slip and fall.  Hiking back uphill was the challenging part!

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. What a lovely place for a walk. I particularly find the cypress roots quite interesting.

    frankly my dear

  2. Hi That i good news about your health. I,along time ago had anemia and it was at the time that they had not yet tested the blood for a transfusion for Aids from to apart from taking iron, I made myself eat liver. I HATE liver. However the butcher cut it up in VERY small slivers with his very sharp knives and I combined with with lots of bacon and onions and I was able to eat that twice a week for 5 months and that did the trick Hope that helps you. Back to your wonderful post. Love the Deer and the fluffed up Sparrow. The trees are tremendous and that is a very sturdy board walk.

  3. being in the great outdoors is possibly helpful in your recovery. godspeed.


  4. What a great place for a walk - the knees remind me of the 'stems' mangroves put up to get air.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  5. lovely little sparrow and cute 'knees'. congratulations on the good test results!

  6. love the cyprus tree roots but that walk sounds a bit too steep for me these days

  7. Looks like fall not winter. Very pretty.

  8. Glad to read that you are doing well; such an uplifting thing to do - a lovely walk in nature. Sure does lift the spirits!

  9. You saw a lot of neat things on your walk Lee. I would have enjoyed that walk too and appreciate you taking us along. Great photos!

  10. interesting roots of the cypress. Like a bunch of tiny men. :)

  11. Those cypress knees are interesting. The White-throated Sparrow is a pretty little bird.
    Glad to hear of the good test results!

  12. Hi Lea, I love your wbw birdie... just lovely. Also, those cypress knees really got me - so interesting. A lovely post :D)

  13. Lea, I love your blog header and the verse you chose for it!

    I never knew this interesting fact about cypress tree "knees" Most of the forests here are pine and have a different appearance. I'm not the best uphill hiker, either, and our high altitude does not help.

    Glad to hear you are in remission. I will keep you in my prayers. Two close friends of mine are battling cancer right now and I pray for them often.

  14. Glad you are still doing well with your leukemia remission and hope your red blood count increases! I love this place! How lovely! You got some great photos,, and it reminded me so much of walks we have had over the years in Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee!

  15. Sounds like quite a workout! Love the deer and sparrow.

  16. Hello Lea, Great post on your walk. Looks like a pretty spot and park.. I love the cute sparrow and the pretty deer. I am so happy to hear your are feeling well, praying for you..Keep well and have a great weekend!


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