Friday, November 7, 2014

Looking Up and Looking Down, November 7, 2014

Looking Up

November 4, 2014, Lee county, Mississippi, USA
On Tuesday afternoon clouds began to move in, bringing just over an inch of rain on Wednesday.

Looking Down
November 4, 2014, Prentiss county, Mississippi, USA
I was surprised to see these Wild Violets blooming.  I've always thought of them as Spring flowers.

Have a Beautiful Week-end!

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  1. Violets seen to want to flower forever! Tom The Backroads Traveller

  2. I don't think we got an inch, but was very grateful for the little we got.

    happy weekend.

  3. We don't even have violets blooming in Texas at the moment, to my knowledge. We did get some rain in the last couple of days, so maybe we will have some new growth. It's a bit chilly in Texas, unseasonably.

  4. So am I. Surprised to see violets, I mean.
    Maybe I's better hung around and see if there are some tucked away over here in Europe now as well. I love them, and never pull them out.

  5. Sorry, I seem to be suffering more than most from 'fat finger syndrome', making masses of typos. Even though I check.
    It should have been 'I'd better hunt around'.
    And yes, I do preview. Doesn't help.

  6. Love the clouds and light through the tree in the top photo.

  7. A beautiful tree and a lovely sky capture.. have a happy weekend!

  8. How lovely to see violets...mine will only grow in spring.

  9. Although some of my flowers were confused these past 2 months and sent out a few buds, we are too far north for violets to bloom in November (I think?).

  10. Pretty sky! Not long ago I moved the violets and I got a surprised that they bloomed! I think it was at the end of summer or so.

  11. Lovely sky with the tree silhouette, and the violets look wonderful, I'm used to them being just in spring too.

  12. Lovely shots. This year we have been surprised at the flowers that bloom in odd, unexpected times. Climate change is driving plants crazy, I think.
    Thanks for taking part in Floral Friday Fotos, I look forward to your next contribution!


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