Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bulbs in Winter, January 21-22, 2014

ABC Wednesday

B is for bulbs!
Amaryllis bulbs started in pots on Tuesday, January 21, 2014
I have had these Amaryllis bulbs for several years. One is 'Red Lion' and the other is 'Cinderella'
They will bloom in mid-February, just when I need a boost to get me through to Spring.
Do you like my pots?
They are plastic coffee cans, labels removed, and drainage holes drilled in the bottom.
Then I used small strips of Christmas wrapping paper to add contrasting color.
(Colored tape would be even better)

Meanwhile, outside...
It is a very cold Outdoor Wednesday
Tuesday afternoon, Prentiss county, Mississippi, USA
We are blessed to have a lot of evergreen trees (Pines and Cedars) for color in the Winter.
Monday was sunny and almost warm, but now daytime temperatures are just above freezing.
And nighttime lows are predicted to be well below freezing all this week.
No snow yet, but we are only halfway through Winter.

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. That's a lovely shot. The clouds look so soft!

  2. Re-cycling is a good habit and the bulbs look lovely.

  3. I have red ones and a couple of pink ones. All of mine are in the ground. Some of them wish I would make up my mind where I want them planted, cause they've been moved several times.

  4. Ooh, I can hardly wait until you show us your blooms!

    abcw team

  5. They should be blooming just in time for Valentine's Day! I planted some amaryllis bulbs (Hippeastrum) that were free for the taking at our local Plant Give & Take Day, but the slugs and snails took a liking to them and ate them down to the ground before they ever bloomed! They are probably better off in your pretty pots!

  6. I love forced bulbs. They always help me make it through winter just when I'm fed up with the cold and drabness. On the flip side, I love your photo. The clouds look so low a person could reach up and touch them!

  7. That is the perfectly 'wrapped' present for February.
    Joy - ABC Team

  8. Excellent bulb pots! I haven’t had amaryllis for a few years and I miss it, I used to have 5 that I had for many years and they used to be outside until just before Christmas every year. But a few years ago they actually rotted all of them when we had a lot of rain and I didn’t take enough care to keep them dry and out of the rain. They all just went to mush. I need to buy some more and start collecting again!

    I see on the news that more cold weather are on the way for most of you, hope it won’t be too bad – have a great day!

  9. Didn't know Mississippi could have snow and such cold weather. Where I live near Chicago, we received about 6-8 inches of snow and today was 10 above. Enjoyed your post of the trees and road scene very much.
    JM Illinois

  10. I love your bulbs! I started some paper whites recently, and they're getting ready to bloom. Exactly what I need to get me through this cold spell :)

    How do you store them after they bloom? I love that you have had them for so long!

  11. stopping by via Outdoor Wednesday. Amaryllis are beautiful and February is perfect timing for a little color! Stay warm!


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