Friday, April 5, 2013

Random 5 Friday April 5, 2013

For Random 5 Friday
I looked in my archives to see what caught my attention in the last few weeks.

Flowering Quince, March 28, 2013
One -  I enjoy seeing the flowering trees and shrubs in the Spring.

Great Blue Heron, March 18, 2013
Two -  I enjoy watching wildlife.
Spring onions, April 4, 2013
Three -  I enjoy growing vegetables in containers. 

Painted gourd Birdhouses, March 23, 2013
Four -  I enjoy going to Arts and Crafts shows.

Field Pansy Wildflowers, March 23, 2013
Five -  I enjoy taking macro photos of tiny wildflowers.
How these wildflowers managed to get their seeds up into this large container,
about ten times taller than they are, is a mystery to me!
(And I am so glad that I didn't empty these containers last Autumn
and stack them in the shed as I usually do).

Have a wonderful week-end!

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  1. I know what you mean about the wildflowers in your containers. I think my husband must kick the seeds into mine when he mows the grass.

    Happy weekend.

  2. I absolutely love taking pictures of all the beautiful spring flowers! I think I'm going to go on a photo walk tomorrow to do just that!

    Arts & Crafts shows are the best! Even if I don't buy anything, I love getting to see all the creativeness and to enjoy being outside.

  3. I've had years where I have struggled to start plants from seed, but had left an empty pot outside. Mother Nature did much better at starting seeds than I did :)

  4. What beautiful picture-how nice that you enjoy mother nature as you do! Appreciating nature just has such a way with making our lives brighter!
    Visiting from Random 5 Friday.

    Happy Friday!

  5. This is a great idea...I saw this on another bloggers blog also...

    Yah for spring.


  6. Love those fish gords - so cool!

  7. Lovely photos! I enjoy watching wildlife, too. The photo of the blue heron is stunning!

  8. I love your pictures of the flowers. Spring is so slow this year that I am wishing I could get some flowers out in the yard, yours helped with that.

  9. Great photos, and now I am going to have to grow gourds to make some of those great birdhouses!! Take care. Chel x

  10. Hey Lea!

    I agree, observing nature and photographing it is spectacular. It's important to take a minute to appreciate the beauty around us.

    The first picture is my favorite.

  11. Gorgeous flowers Lea -- and I'm loving those birdhouses. I have a few gourds to transform and this gave me some great ideas.

    Thanks so much for sharing at R5F this week. xo

  12. Such magnificent photos. I love the heron especially. They are abundant in Oregon where i live. They're so regal.

  13. love the birdhouses. too great! ( :

  14. Love your flowering quince. Haven't seen a single spring blossom up here yet. Soon, I hope...

  15. I really like those gourds. Someone is very clever! You know it's spring when the quince flowers. Very nice pictures!


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